It is a reality that developments around artificial intelligence are growing impressively, where we have already seen how he is able to win in Go, start conversations, fly a fighter plane, imitate our calligraphy and even be a news editor in the past Olympic Games; but now he has a new profession, since he has just been released as a musician-composer.

FlowMachines is a wonderful project that was born in the research laboratories of Sony CSL, where a group of scientists has achieved for the first time that an artificial intelligence system composes an entire song, well, in this case, are two.

The next musical hit

FlowMachines is a system that has been fed with more than 13,000 melodies, which are made up of a wide variety of musical styles, composers and songs, mainly jazz, pop, Brazilian music, and Broadway works.

This means that by simply asking them to “compose” a melody they are able to search their database and assemble the melody, with all the lyrics extracted from fragments of phrases within the same songs. However, the system is not yet able to work by itself, since it relies on a human composer who produces the song, selects the style and genre, also writes the lyrics, and with all this information FlowMachines searches its database and in a few minutes shows us the results.

This song is called ‘Daddy’s Car’ and is the result of having asked him to compose something pop based on The Beatles. The second song is called ‘Mr. Shadow’ and here he was asked to compose something in the style of “American composers”, from which fragments of songs and melodies of composers such as Cole Porter, Gershwin, Duke Ellington, among others.

The process to create the song still requires much of what is presented today in a recording studio, since in this case the human composer Benoît Carré is the one who selects the style and a base melody with a tool known as FlowComposer, after this is used a tool called Record with which some pieces of audio generated by the system are matched with other melodies, this with the aim of finishing the production and make the final mix.

These two songs will be part of an album that will go on sale in 2017, which will be the first one that has been composed by an artificial intelligence system for its commercialization.

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