If you have a diabetic cat, you know how frustrating it can be to find a suitable diet. You don’t know the first thing about diabetic cat food, but you need to learn it now. If you’re like me, you really love your pet, and when it doesn’t feel good or has health problems, it doesn’t bother you forever – especially when you don’t know how to fix it.

Because of the processed food that we now serve to our cats, diabetes grows rapidly. So veterinarians, nutritionists and doctors have created diabetic cat food to help control insulin levels in your diabetic cat.

So which cat food is best for your diabetic cat? Now let’s take a look at some of the options.

Royal Canin Diabetic cat food is the best dry cat food to help reduce the effects of diabetes in cats. Producers have undergone years of intensive research to ensure your cat has a complete and healthy diet. Royal Canin diabetic cat food contains a lot of protein and low carbohydrates, which is of course the key to keeping your cat healthy and happy.

You can get a bag of 5 pounds of this dry food for diabetic cats at a reduced price of $19.99. This bag usually works around $24.99. This food is a vet approved for cats, but of course you will need a prescription to buy it. The reason is that it is very strong and designed only for cats with diabetes. This Royal Canin food will affect your cat’s insulin response, so you need to be sure that once you start a diet with this food, you’ll have an eye on your cat. However, many reviews rate this Royal Canin diabetic cat food as the best dry food for cats with diabetes.

Another option you have for cat food with diabetes is Purina approved by your vet. I know from experience that Purina is a very good food for your cat, although it may be a bit expensive. This cat food Purina for cats with diabetes is supplied in dry and canned food, so you can buy what your cat is more responsive to.

Purina cat food has additional advantages in the fight against diabetes in your cat. It is also a source of omega fatty acids and has plenty of vitamin E for your pet’s skin and fur. A recipe for this food is also required, but it’s also worth the effort, as Purina cat food is one of the best food you can buy for your pet. A 6 lb bag of dry food will be able to run around $28.99.

The hills also offer a diabetic food for your cat, which you’re sure you want to look at. This cat food from Hills is for overweight cats (50% of the pet population is overweight) and offers insulin control. This does two basic things, all diabetic food for your pet should do – it offers low carbohydrates and high protein. This is essential to control your pet’s metabolism and weight. Hills prescription food also controls your pet’s glucose levels and keeps your pet’s insulin levels right.

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