Here are some useful methods that you can use while installing granite countertops.

Initial preparation job

If you are replacing the counter top the primary step is to remove the old counter tops as well as prepare the area afresh. Prior to getting rid of the old kitchen counter you require to take precise dimension that will aid you produce a design template that will certainly be used to prepare the brand-new granite slabs. This is a delicate process as well as you require to have an electrician and also a plumbing close by to detach and also later re-connect the power lines as well as the water drainage system.

Throughout the installing of the granite slabs you need an additional set of strong arms to assist you raise the pieces and this ought to be done with outmost treatment since granite is weak and also you can harm the edges or split it in 2. I would recommend making use of the 3cm piece over the 2 centimeters due to the fact that you will not require to utilize plywood for support. Another advantage of making use of the 3cm granite pieces is you get to decrease the joints at the side which can be an eye aching.

Mounting the granite kitchen counter

This is when you need to speak with the theme you previously prepared to ensure the granite pieces you are mounting suit the cuts you made and the sewer opening. You additionally require to check the cut for the undermount sink to see to it they fit properly.

If you have new appliances or cords make certain they are well placement prior to the you install the granite kitchen counter as well as conceal them. During the installment make sure you have pierced the right variety of holes as well as in specific place for the faucet. You might likewise wish to have overhangs particularly if you have a bar top so ensure you support it correctly using steel plates or bracelets. Check more insights about Artelye Granite Countertops thru the link.

Join the granite Slabs

Make sure you level the granite pieces, you can make use of the 1 or 1/4 screws to adjust the elevation of the piece from listed below. You might additionally require to utilize the degree to ensure you obtain the slabs in a straight line and thus getting rid of mistakes. While signing up with the granite pieces you will always have a gap of regarding 1/16 which is called the joint, it’s difficult to avoid but if you need to have one location it in the middle of the sink where it’s less visible.

There are is a method to cover it the seam, you need to mix polyester material with coloring pigments that appear like the granite slab and apply on the gap and this will it much less noticeable. As soon as this is done add a hardener as well as smooth it with a seam rock to level it and also get rid of the high spots or unequal surfaces.

Pick the Backsplash

When managing backsplash you have two options, you may decide to utilize the granite slabs or go with the granite floor tiles. For instance if you make a decision to make use of the granite slabs after that it’s advisable to pick a full granite reaction specifically if you have a bar leading counter top. To reduce the expense you can use the granite floor tiles as your recommended product for the backsplash.

Winding it up

The last action is securing the granite kitchen counter with a passing through stone sealer which will certainly make is much less most likely to tarnish. This ought to be done at the very least yearly and for heavily used kitchens regularly.

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