You are in the shower as you prepare for an important event and you will soon notice that you are standing in more water than usual. It seems that the water doesn’t flow down to the drain. So the shower ends as soon as possible. You put each foot in the shower and rinse your feet when you leave home, because you still have some of these unpleasant things on your feet.

Luckily, you finished the shower before the water got too high and you are still able to finish dressing and on time for an important event. Amazing.

All the time you are at the party, you think about this downtime. You know that you won’t be magically repaired when you’re no longer at home.

Now the event is over and you’re back home. What do you do now?

You’ve seen plumber hoses in your local home shop before, so you’re going there for a trip to get it.

You see there a hand crankbaiters who have a very reasonable price. You buy your own hydraulic hose and take it home.

There you look at the wicked mess in the shower determined to unblock the drain. You have gloves for gloves and eye protection clothing. You take your new hand-held davit and pull the hose out a little. You shoot it into the drain and start cranking. You have the impression that you are seeing some progress. More and more cables are being inserted into the drain. You feel quite well because you are convinced that you will soon have a drain that will flow perfectly. You’ve noticed that the hand crank is becoming more and more difficult to turn.

The hose is becoming more and more difficult to turn, but that’s what to expect? Does it just mean that you’ve come across the right to stop? So you screw the wobbler even harder and with greater determination. You are ready to collect the fruits of your work. The smell of raw sewage under the shower and on your face, hands and clothes is proof of hard work. With hardened determination, you continue to screw the hose into the drain.

After all, you are fed up with cranking. The wastewater you’ve been playing with has not disappeared. In fact, there seems to be more wastewater than at first. So you decide to pull the hose out of the drain and may try a piston. So you give the hose a tugboat.

The hose seems to be quite strong in its position in the drainage. The cable is towing and does not come out. You are already tired and sweaty and you don’t intend to let this cable beat you, so it’s harder to tow and tow. You attach the locking pliers and snap them into place on the cable for a better grip. Now you’ll have a handle to pull it out. With all your frustration and anger, you pull out the cable with all your strength.

This cable has beaten you. It is hopelessly stuck in the pipe and you will never pull it out.

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